Welcome to M2 Loyalty Program

BLU Points is a universal loyalty program that allows you to earn and redeem points instantly, any time and anywhere within the BLU Points network.

The BLU Points network will include a wide range of BLU partners, like supermarkets, gas stations, electronic stores, travel agencies, banks and so on, where you will be able to earn BLU Points when you make a purchase.

You can then redeem your BLU Points at any one of those partners or at M2's online catalog. You will recognize a BLU partner whenever you see the BLU sign on the door or on the counter. In addition, if your bank is a BLU partner, by using your credit or debit card when shopping within the BLU network, you will double the points you earn and you will be on your way to collecting points faster than ever!

The BLU network will never stop growing and you will soon find us when you travel and shop abroad.

Now that's an exciting loyalty program!